This is one of our most popular services available. It has made a big difference to many of our customers.
If you are looking for a safe place to store your vehicle or goods, you can rest assured that your vehicle or goods are in good hands.
            ▪ Storage
            ▪ Loading & Unloading

We can arrange for your transport and ensure that containers are delivered on time every day, either at quay, in warehouse or directly to customer.

From time to time it sometimes happens that after scanning and / or verification, the customs decides that the container must be further inspected and unloaded in a customs warehouse.
We can offer you a solution for this.
We Warehouse D&G, can help you if you are faced with such problems.
We are one of the few warehouses with customs bonded permits.

 Loading & Unloading your goods

Warehouse D & G has a lot of experience with storage and transhipment of containers, and only does this according to strict safety standards.
Containers reach from Antwerp Port to our warehouse. From there they are palletized, possibly wrapped in shrink film and stored in our warehouse.
Some processes of container processing that we can take care of for you are:
            ▪ Loading & unloading
            ▪ Storage & transhipment
            ▪ Customs control
            ▪ Container loading and removal from chassis
            ▪ Container weighing

We also offer an extra service.
We can also repair damaged containers by our experienced workers.
We can also completely clean your containers.
         ◦ Repairing container damage / Reefer
         ◦ Perform minor and or major maintenance work
         ◦ Container Cleaning/ Reefers

We also offer this service and it is often used by most of our customers and has been essential for success on many occasions.
With great care and expertise, you can count on us to provide you with the best stacking services you can find.