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Let us take care of your storage and transshipment

Logistics is not yet complete with only the transport of merchandise to the country of destination.
That is why we also offer you a total solution for storage and transshipment of your cargo, so that you have only one logistics partner for the entire transport process.
Products that are stored in our warehouse are always in a safe dry environment. For example, we have various camera and fire protection in our warehouse.
Safety always comes first at Warehouse D&G. That is why we ensure that the warehouse and equipment are always neatly organized. For example, we only work with well-trained and instructed personnel, so that safety is and remains guaranteed.

Both small and medium-sized companies and multinationals feel at home with our personal service.

This is one of our most popular services available. It has made a big difference to many of our customers.
If you are looking for a safe place to store your vehicle or goods, you can rest assured that your vehicle or goods are in good hands.
            ▪ Storage
            ▪ Loading & Unloading

We can arrange for your transport and ensure that containers are delivered on time every day, either at quay, in warehouse or directly to customer.

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About Us
Our Vision

Warehouse D & G was founded in 2018 and has built up a large customer portfolio in a few years. We work for forwarding and logistics companies. Many well-known production and distribution companies rely on our services.

Warehouse D & G is convinced that the growth ambitions of its customers can only be achieved with excellence, tailor-made logistics processes.

That is why Warehouse D&G builds long-term trust relationships with its partners to achieve optimal efficiency.

Both small and medium-sized companies and multinationals feel at home with our personal service.

We believe in continuous optimization and want to facilitate the improvement process within its specialized segment together with its customers.

Based on its thorough knowledge and expertise, Warehouse D & G wants to be your trusted long-term logistics partner, based on mutual trust.

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